Chiaha Harvest Fair

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Chiaha Harvest Fair

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Chiaha Festival

Chiaha Harvest Fair takes place every year in Rome GA. It is a local festival that strives to support the arts. The proceeds of the event go to scholarships to help art students in the community to succeed. There is live music, vendor booths, and food. There is plenty to do for the whole family. The kids section engages young artists and encourages creativity through activities and crafts. Each vendor booth hosts unique art from people who travel near and far. Learn more about the festival here.

I had the honor to create a large chalk mural for the event along side two other chalk artists. I chose to draw this woman with purple hair and flowers around her. I loved the contrast of green against the purple and felt she was magical.


This was the final drawing.
Eternity Arts Chalk was used in the shading of the lips and hair.
I adjusted her hair color to have a purple tint.
The finished mural was 7x7ft