UX Design

Its about the Experience
  • Design is the process.

    As a designer, I take ideas and transform them into tangible, usable products. It is my duty to be loyal to the user and fulfill their needs by making my design theĀ end product. But it does not stop there; humans are constantly changing and growing based on individual needs and influence from their environments.

    I have the skills it takes to create a usable design from beginning to end. This may include competitive analysis and heuristic evaluation. I keep in mind my target audience and their goals by creating a range of personas and checking with stakeholders or real live users along the way. Without this process a user interface would be moot.

    I have worked with some exciting and innovative clients including Coca-cola, Delta, AT&T, Bridgestone, and Whirlpool. Each project has been unique based on the needs and scope. To protect this process I have created a separate IA Portfolio that is password protected. Please contact me for inquiries on this section of my website.

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    Design Thinking

    Say Goodbye To “Above the Fold”

    Remember in the 90s when websites strived to keep all information above the fold? Scrolling for information meant that it was a bad design. Well those days are over now! Why did we design above the fold in the first place? “The fold” brings us back to the day of the newspaper. Remember those old […]

    Yoga Inspired Chalkboards

    My Process I had the opportunity to create yoga inspired chalkboards this summer for a client. The ask was to capture their shop and yoga studio to express what they were about. The space was very inviting and offered products for sale as well as yoga classes. 1. Sketch I have a preliminary meeting with […]

    Maker Faire Atlanta – 3D Chalk Art and Poster Design

    This year I was given the opportunity to create the Atlanta Maker Faire poster and t-shirt designs. On top of that I was asked to be included in the event as a 3-D sidewalk chalk artist. I am very happy with the way the designs turned out and had fun trying such a large scale […]

    UX by job title

    I stay active in the world of UX and this makes me a target for recruiters. I respect a lot of them and appreciate that they are doing their jobs. A lot of them are passing on job descriptions that vary from web development to design to interaction design, interface design and on. I did […]

    What I Do

    • User Interface Design
    • Wire-frames & Prototypes
    • User Research & Personas
    • Competitive Analysis & Heuristic Evaluation
    • Front end HTML5/CSS 3.0

    How I Do It

    Wireframing - Sketch, Omnigraffle, Whiteboard
    Prototyping - Invision, Axure, JustinMind, HTML/CSS 3.0
    Design - Photoshop, Illustrator
    Presentation - MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote
    Tech Savy - Google Docs, WordPress, Spotify, Slack

    Programs In My Dock