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Code can be beautiful.

May 23 WEB DESIGN Comments off

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To design the “pretty” you must architect the code. Read More

One question I often have as a student at design school is “how much of web is design and how much is code?” We are taught the ins and outs of design and how to develop our information architecture effectively. We are expected to pick up on the code needed along the way.  It is a challenge to be the designer and the developer, but in order to complete the tasks at hand one must be familiar with both.

So which comes first the chicken or the egg? The code or the design? These feats have been faced in many ways and you can only eat the elephant one bite at a time. If you are lucky you will work with a back end developer and have the opportunity to just focus on all the “pretty”.  But if you pick up the right knowledge along the way you will be amazed at what beauty can be accomplished through code. Code is an art within itself.

jQuery is a fascinating language that allows much creative freedom.  The following link shows a few ways it can elegantly be used.    55 jQuery Animate Resources
Through using jQuery you can create beautiful animations without using flash.  Your designs can be presented in a creative and interactive way.

Html 5 also has many options for coding beautifully. It has new benefits such as Drag and Drop, Video and Audio playback, and Geolocations. Html 5 : The Future of the Web

This link shows all the options Html 5 has to offer and can serve as a resource for you to learn the language.

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Also, there is nothing worse than creating a beautiful website and having no visitors. The following are a few steps that you can take to drive traffic to your site: Top Five Ways to Make Your Site More Popular