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Sidewalk Art Festival 2011



The Savannah Sidewalk Arts Festival is a great opportunity for SCAD students to get together and decorate Savannah’s largest central park.  This past weekend us Atlanta students ventured down to Savannah for a day filled with fun, art, and music.  Zachary came along for moral support.  He helped me to decide what to draw.  I chose a beautiful yellow tree frog to render on my square. I was pressed for time but was able to rekindle my love for the fine art medium.  I finished by 2pm with only minutes to spare.  Though I did not win the competition, it was rewarding enough seeing the smiles my art left on the faces of all who passed by.  People were amazed at what I drew on the sidewalk and my favorite moments were all the young children who were not interested in walking through the park being pulled along by their parent’s hands, but would stop and yell “Look a frog! He goes ‘ribbit’!!”. These small moments made me smile and made my day worth while.  I enjoy art for this very reason and find that it is something I do not make enough time for and hope to do more of in the future.

A work in progress…
Finished Picture
So much fun! …and so dirty. Hoping my mom can work her magic and get the chalk out of my shorts.
Got Zach dirty with my black chalked hands!
Love being in Savannah! It feels like I’m home again.
See the following link to the SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival for more information and to see this year’s winners…