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  • Jessi Queen Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsom and Other Ipsoms


    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit....WHAT???

    Many people in the design world use Lorem Ipsum. It can be used in many fields; print design, website design, development, wireframes and prototypes and more. It is meant to be filler copy for any design. You can generate paragraphs, lists, headlines

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  • TShape

    UX by job title


    I stay active in the world of UX and this makes me a target for recruiters. I respect a lot of them and appreciate that they are doing their jobs. A lot of them are passing on job descriptions that vary from web development to design to interaction design, interface

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  • starheart

    Like, Favorite, Love Icon


    Recently Twitter changed their beloved favorites star to a heart icon.

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  • foldBlogPost

    Say Goodbye To “Above the Fold”


    Remember in the 90s when websites strived to keep all information above the fold? Scrolling for information meant that it was a bad design. Well those days are over now!

    Why did we design above the fold in the first place?

    "The fold" brings us back to the day

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