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  • xmas

    2015 Year In Review : Jessi & Zach


    Jessi started off the year in a new office in Midtown. At Razorfish she worked with clients such as AT&T, Delta and she recently helped to launch the new website. She married her one true love

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  • TShape

    UX by job title


    I stay active in the world of UX and this makes me a target for recruiters. I respect a lot of them and appreciate that they are doing their jobs. A lot of them are passing on job descriptions that vary from web development to design to interaction design, interface

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  • Pop Up Chalk Art Festival

    Chalk Demo at Atlanta Streets Alive

    Atlanta Artist

    Our Georgia Chalk Artists Guild has grown so much in the year that we have been established. This past Sunday we had our very first Mini Pop Up Chalk Festival. Atlanta Streets Alive is an awesome event backed by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the city of Atlanta. Peachtree street

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  • IMG_2529.JPG

    Wee Faerie Village in Connecticut


    I love visiting my sister because she is so creative and fun. Katie Faile is a local illustrator in New London Connecticut. Her husband, Erik, is in the US Navy so of course my magical sister draws both faeries and submarines. She is very talented at what she does and

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  • IMG_4831

    Facebook and Google!


    When we went to San Francisco this summer we had the pleasure of touring the Facebook Headquarters and the Downtown Google Campus. Our friend Peter is an application engineer at Facebook. He is so talented and smart. He really is enjoying Cali life and shared his workplace with us. Facebook

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  • So excited to be at Razorfish!

    Starting my Career at Razorfish!


    During my last week of school everything fell into place. I was really blessed to have recieved so much positive attention at Out to Launch. My hard work over the past 4 years had really payed off.  I met Andrea Gill at the event and she passed my name

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  • Baby SCAD meet SCAD!

    Graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design


    [caption id="attachment_652" align="alignleft" width="612"] My cap was very decorated. Gold for Cum Laude and red for my Interactive Design major.[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_655" align="alignleft" width="612"]All my best friends, and the bf, were there to support me!

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  • 576019_10150880023860070_513295069_12261275_1780105605_n



    Out to Launch is an annual event that SCAD holds to showcase some of the best students in each major. It is a chance for them to show off their work to potential employers in a reverse career fair setting. Only seven students, including myself, were chosen from

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  • On a carnival ride one feels the most alive.



    life is an experience of the senses.

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