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A Chalk Art Story
  • "Our name reflects our founding mission to engage consumers and gauge the results."

    My First Week at Engauge!


    Hello All! I have not written in a while, but I have not been slacking.  These first few weeks of summer have been filled with sending out endless applications and attending numerous interviews.  If anyone knows how long it can take to write a cover letter and rework your resume

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    Howl Adaptation


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  • html script highlight

    Code can be beautiful.


    To design the "pretty" you must architect the code. Read More

    One question

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    Sidewalk Art Festival 2011


    The Savannah Sidewalk Arts Festival is a great opportunity for SCAD students to get together and decorate Savannah's largest central park.  This past weekend us Atlanta students ventured down to Savannah for a day filled with fun, art, and music.  Zachary came along for moral support.  He helped me to

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  • Animal Rescue Idea


    The iterative design process is one that many designers take for granted.  It is more helpful than one would imagine. The first step is the ideation process.  Ideas are inspired by life events.

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  • On a carnival ride one feels the most alive.



    life is an experience of the senses.

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